You’ve come to the right place!

This is the place to come if you have always wanted to take an Irish Studies Program, but never had the time, money, dedication; or maybe there just wasn’t a program in close proximity to you. My mission is that by sharing some of the literature that I have reviewed or movies I have watched, music I enjoy, social changes and customs that fascinate me would also interest others. By creating an interactive space to share may just provide the chance to enjoy Irish Studies “on the go” without being tied to to the rigors of a formal scholarly program of study. It would also give me an 0pportunity dive deeper and have great discussion with others who share my passion.

Why Irish Studies?

I have had a very strong interest in the circumstances that caused my great grandmother and her 3 sisters to emigrate from ireland 2008_0061Ireland as young women. For years I hunted for answers and looked at photos and interrogated relatives in my quest for answers. It was more than the usual curiosity I felt that I had to understand the social and political reasons that people left their families. How hard it must have been for adolescent adolescent girls to leave home one by one and travel the Atlantic Ocean to a foreign land. My interest grew into a passion for Ireland and the Irish people. Over the years I have read many Irish and Irish American authors. I’ve explored many different aspects of Irish life and culture to gain an insider’s perspective of Ireland and the Irish people.

Along the way I looked for an Irish Studies program in hopes of really exploring some of the social issues and major themes of life in Ireland. To my great disappointment, in my area of Florida an Irish Studies program just didn’t exist. There are great programs in great universities such as NYU, Notre Dame, Trinity College, Boston University, but none of these would worked for me.




So welcome! Take a look around, and share in some of my favorite Irish media, literature, customs, culture and folklore!

Thanks for checking out Irish Studies To Go!

Kim Hathaway